July 25th
doors at 7:30pm / film program starts 8:30pm
$5 suggested donation

The Clubhouse on Highland
2908 Highland Ave, Birmingham

An experimental film program featuring work by:

Jasper Lee
Sabine Gruffat & Bill Brown
Sally Ann McKinsey
Evan Morgan
Jason Sudak

HIDDEN CHANNELS (2019 | 10 minutes) by Jasper Lee
A how-to video on the subject of expanding the abilities of a clock radio, in which the process becomes an analogy between sound transmission and sublime experience.  

PARABLE OF THE LEAFBLOWER (2019 | 2 minutes) by Sally Ann McKinsey

LAND REARRANGED (2019 | 6 minutes) by Jasper Lee
Unearthed debris used as relics in a geomantic incantation.  A lyrical contemplation of winter’s ghosts.  

LOST CHILD REEL (2019 |8 minutes) by Evan Morgan
A tune from the Stripling Brothers (1918-1936) passes through the prism of folk and ethnographic processes, digital and physical media, and never arrives.

SILVER IN THE CHURN (2019 | 8 minutes) by Jasper Lee
The landscape of the Southern United States is used as a foundation for exploring superstition, ritual and the sacred. Drawing from research into Southeastern superstitions, the abstract lyrical quality of these actions are transmogrified into an oblique dance through repetition and juxtapositon.  Small bodily gestures reveal a map of relationships and trace the underlying forces of time and power that shape the landscape.

AMARILLO RAMP (2017 | 24 minutes) by Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown
Perhaps best known for his monumental Utah earthwork, 'Spiral Jetty,' American sculptor Robert Smithson profoundly shaped how we understand landscape and land use. This experimental Super-16mm film documents Smithson's final earthwork, 'Amarillo Ramp,' located in the Panhandle of northwest Texas. Employing filmmaking strategies that are both responsive to the artwork's environmental context and informed by Smithson's own art-making strategies, Gruffat and Brown encounter Smithson's Ramp as an index of the Anthropocene.